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Steinernema-System provides the perfect biological solution to the problem of glasshouse sciarids. It is based on a unique strain of the insect parasitic nematode Steinernema feltiae, which seeks out and destroys sciarid larvae in compost. Also, this nematode is a natural enemy of thrips and leafminer.

Steinernema-System owes its consistent, effective control of sciarids to the way in which it works.

Applied to the compost, the nematodes actively seek out sciarid larvae. They enter each larva through natural body openings. Once inside of the larva, they move to the intestinal canal and drill through the intestinal wall of the larva. A specific bacterium which lives in symbiosis with the nematode is released and will eventually cause death of the larva.
The nematodes reproduce inside the sciarid larva. As it decomposes, a new generation of nematodes moves off into the compost in search of further prey.