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Dicyphus hesperus

Predator of Whitefly

Identification and Biology: Dicyphus hesperus (Hemiptera:Miridae) is a slender bug about 6mm in length when in adult stage. Life cycle is direct development from egg through 5 nymphal stages to adult. Nymphs are bright green while winged adults are black.

Mode of Action: Dicyphus hesperus is a voracious predatory bug which inserts its sucking mouthparts into its prey and sucks out the the inner contents. After consuming whitefly eggs, larva, or pupae only the skin remains with a tiny hole where the mouthparts were inserted. Adult Dicyphus hesperus are very good fliers and will move thoughout large areas to find pest insects. Nymph stages of Dicyphus hesperus can’t fly but are fast walkers and will move up and down and between plants which are in contact with each other.